We're Ash + Kat

We have the first and second best jobs in the world – we’re parents, and we’re wedding photographers.

We feel like our girls are teaching us to wonder at the world again; they see it all with fresh eyes.

We’ve walked with them through the woods and seen them marvel at a raindrop on a pine-needle and you realise your sense of awe is totally off. As you become an adult you’re only amazed by the big stuff; double rainbows and the Grand Canyon… but you were born to wonder at all of it.

We don’t know what a ‘comfort zone’ looks like. Whenever we feel it approaching, we dodge it. We want to do as much of life as possible; we’re not afraid to take untrodden roads. We’re often told we’re mad, but a trail doesn’t just blaze itself…

Our girls already think anything is possible, and we feel our job as parents is to keep them thinking that way by teaching them about love.

Because actually, when you think about it, love is the root of everything – all persistence, all endurance, all hope, all trust.

It's everything.