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London Photography
London by Night
In early May we went for dinner in London. Trying to never be without a camera, we used the opportunity to shoot a few of the London hotspots, including a long exposure of Tower Bridge at night. This is a town rich in history, with buildings dating back to the second century AD. We love taking time out of shooting weddings and coup ...
Smoke Without Fire
Deep in the forest, sheltered from the gale bending and bowing the pine-tops above us, we experimented with a coloured smoke grenade. Pouring out first as plumes of bottle green smoke, we listened to the creaking trees as it spread thinly and eerily across the needle-strewn forest floor.  
Springle Family Photography
The Springle Family
To us, family is one of the most important things in life. We're strong believers that family isn't just your blood. It's those that stick by you, rejoice with you and would do anything for you in hard times. They are simply the people you are most happy to do life with. Ash grew up with 3 brothers who are all now growing their own ...
A Day with Ed Peers - The Springles
A day with Ed Peers
Saturday 21st November we spent with the mighty Ed Peers. Kat and I had a workshop with Ed to really step up our photography skills and business to the next level. Needless to say, we learnt and a LOT and are also glad to have made a new friend. Here's some shots we took during the day.