London Photography
3rd June 2016

London by Night

In early May we went for dinner in London. Trying to never be without a camera, we used the opportunity to shoot a few of the London hotspots, including a long exposure of Tower Bridge at night. This is a town rich in history, with buildings dating back to the second century AD. We love taking time out of shooting weddings and couples sessions and just photograph something for us. Something different, something we don’t normally do and something to just have fun.

Being such a huge place; it’s hard to cover much of the town in one evening – with that in mind we’ll definitely go back soon at cover a different section. We used a mini tripod for the long exposure shots here – everything shot on a Canon 5D Mkiii, Sigma 35mm Art lens and Sigma 85mm EX lens.

London Night Photography


London 001 London 002 London 003 London 004 London Big Ben Big Ben London Big Ben London London 008 London 009 London 010 London 011 London 012 London 013 Tower Bridge Tower Bridge London Tower Bridge at Night


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