The Verandah Antigua | Ruby + Joe 30th July 2017 / Home Wedding Photographer Antigua Wedding photographer Antigua. The Verandah, Antigua is the home to beautiful Caribbean destination weddings as well as fun filled 5 star holidays. We're lucky enough to h... READ MORE Eynsham Hall Wedding | Becky + Matt 30th June 2017 / Weddings Eynsham Hall In 2017 we photographed our first Eynsham Hall Wedding. Having seen the venue from it's website, we knew we'd have an amazing day. Becky + Matt got married at St Lawrence Church, a gorge... READ MORE Farnham Photographer | Alicia + Anders 12th June 2017 / Couples   READ MORE Antigua Photographer | Ruby + Joe Engagement Shoot 8th June 2017 / Couples READ MORE West Wittering Engagement Shoot | Becky + Matt 8th June 2017 / Couples READ MORE Surrey Engagement Shoot Rhi + Ben 7th February 2017 / Blog We took a walk deep in the woods in late December, venturing into the damp thick forestry that Surrey has to offer. Rhi and Ben were a super easy couple to photograph - they make each other laugh, smile and giggle all the time. Their connection is palpable and obvious, you can feel it. We try to make all of our engagement session as relaxed as possible. READ MORE Castillo Santa Catalina Wedding | Raquel + Antonio 7th February 2017 / Blog Castillo Santa Catalina is nestled amongst the back streets of Malaga, in a completely unsuspecting neighbour. If you didn't know this venue was here, you definitely wouldn't stumble upon it accidenta... READ MORE Italian Wedding | Olivia + Ricky, Lake Garda 24th November 2016 / Blog Italian Wedding, Lake Garda. Kat and I had never photographed (or even attended) an Italian wedding before we photographed this one. As a wedding photographer who loves travel, we are always dreaming... READ MORE Virginia Water Engagement Shoot | Lisa + Josh 16th May 2016 / Couples Virginia Water great lake is the perfect place for some relaxed time out as a couple, a walk with family or to propose to your girlfriend. This is exactly what these guys did! The circuit of Virginia ... READ MORE Raquel + Antonio Couples Shoot in Madrid, Spain 15th March 2016 / Couples On a weekend in early March 2016, Raquel and Antonio hosted us in their home for a couple of days. We love to travel and see new places - and what better way to do so than with someone who lives in th... READ MORE