A winter engagement photoshoot requires perseverance. Cameras and a couple dressed to impress do not generally mix well with haze and rain, but our patience was rewarded with the gorgeous orange and ochre tones of the forest, and bare twigs beaded with glassy drops of rain. We were captivated by Ash + Emily’s obvious connection; a palpable chemistry reflected by this wild January day.


AshEmily0001 AshEmily0003 AshEmily0004 AshEmily0005 AshEmily0006 AshEmily0007 AshEmily0008 AshEmily0010 AshEmily0011 AshEmily0012 AshEmily0014 AshEmily0015 AshEmily0019 AshEmily0021 AshEmily0022 AshEmily0023 AshEmily0024 AshEmily0025 AshEmily0027 AshEmily0029 AshEmily0030 AshEmily0032 AshEmily0034 AshEmily0036 AshEmily0039 winter engagement photoshoot AshEmily0041 AshEmily0042 AshEmily0044 AshEmily0046 AshEmily0047 AshEmily0048 AshEmily0049 AshEmily0052 AshEmily0053 AshEmily0055 AshEmily0058 AshEmily0060 AshEmily0064 AshEmily0065 AshEmily0069 Winter Engagement Photoshoot AshEmily0074 AshEmily0075 AshEmily0076 AshEmily0078 AshEmily0081 AshEmily0083 AshEmily0085 AshEmily0086 AshEmily0088 AshEmily0089 AshEmily0091 AshEmily0094 AshEmily0098 AshEmily0100 AshEmily0103

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