Google Adwords for Photographers

Book more weddings, anywhere in the world

In 2017, 20 of our wonderful couples found us as a direct result of advertising using Google Adwords.
These included couples getting married in France, Italy and Antigua.

In 2018 we took a 5 week trip to New Zealand and photographed 4 weddings whilst there.
All of these couples found us as a result of Google Adwords.

Rather than just explain how to setup and use Google Adwords, we'll actually be doing it with you in this practical, hands-on one to one training.

Whilst explaining Google Adwords and how to use it, we'll be setting up your new account, creating Ad Campaigns, adding keywords that are relevant to your business and making a new landing page specifically designed to attract the right kind of customers and get you more inquiries.

You'll leave with the confidence and ability to do all of these things for yourself, and make new Ad Campaigns as you need them.

What's Involved

Creating an Account

Setting up a local Ad Campaign

Setting up an International Ad Campaign

Choosing Keywords that will work for you and Estimating Traffic

Keyword Types, Negative Keywords, Search Terms

Landing pages explained + creating one

Setting budgets and sticking to them

How to Manage your Ad Campaigns


This training is a one to one 4 hour session, either in person or online. In person training is held at our home in Surrey. These sessions are available on weekdays only.

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