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Our Approach

A decade honing our craft means that we are skilled at creating beautiful portraits throughout the course of a busy wedding day. This means that although we will be delighted with any time you can dedicate to couple’s photographs on the day, we are adept at making stunning, natural images as the day progresses – not just of you as a couple, but of your treasured guests and family members too.

We hope you and your family will find our presence at your wedding to be a calming, steady and reassuring influence.

Our approach includes a strong sense of place, time, family bonds and legacy. These are the elements that are most important to us as artists, and as people. We are aware that we are making work that will be held in the hands of future generations of your family; work that will tell other people what you were like and what was important to you. 

It’s important to us that our time with you is spent as a trusted collaborator; that you resonate with the look and feel of our work and our vision. We’d love to create for and with you.

If our style resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.

About The Springles

We’re Ash and Kat, and we have been creating together since 2015. We’ve created three amazing humans, a home in Cornwall, and a crazy amount of beautiful photographs of couples starting their story together all over the world, from Antigua to New Zealand.

We met working an office job and instantly became best friends. It took us years before we realised we were soul mates, but that bedrock of friendship has served us extremely well after 8 years of marriage and 3 kids.

We spend our time constantly going after the best possible version of life, even when that’s not the easiest option. We truly believe that nothing worth having comes easy.

We’re lucky to now call the south coast of Cornwall home, after relocating here at the end of 2019.

On days off, we can normally be found on beach walks with our kids, home schooling in a very “un-schooled” way, spending time with friends or in a sauna (preferably both at the same time).

In the winter when we’re not shooting weddings, we now focus on our Covid pivot Abel Burners. This small business saved us during a 1.5 year long period when weddings were forbidden.

We love to travel, experience new cultures and are obsessed with a great Oat Flat White. If we book a destination wedding you can almost guarantee that we’ll turn it into a family travelling experience. We believe music is best played on vinyl and are in love with Wes Anderson films.

We both have a passion for cooking and our creative flair runs through all hobbies, not just photography.

About The Springles
About The Springles
About The Springles