by The Springles

After a lot of demand, we've decided to release our presets for sale. On this page you'll find both our colour and our black and white preset, for sale individually or together (at a discounted rate).

These presets are at the core of every wedding and session we edit. These have been with us for a while and we won't be changing them. Everything you see in our portfolio; the warmth and lovely skin tones in our work is achieved by this preset and then a few tweaks according to the light of the particular photograph.

Check out the before and after examples below by using the sliders. You'll find purchase links below, which direct to Paypal.

Use #TheSpringlesPreset on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Heather George RAW 0001Heather George The Springles 01 0001

The Springles 01

Katie David RAW 0001Katie David BW 01 0001

The Springles BW 01

Kate Zac RAW 0001Kate Zac The Springles 01 0001

The Springles 01

Jess Steve RAW 0001Jess Steve BW 010001

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Thank you for checking out our presets - we can't wait to see what you create with them!