Fowey Harbour Hotel Wedding The Springles

Fowey Harbour Hotel Wedding

A beautiful Fowey Harbour Hotel Wedding with Jess & Jack, in late May 2023.

In the quaint seaside town of Fowey, amidst the whispers of history and the whispers of the sea, love found its perfect canvas as Jess and Jack embarked on their journey of forever. As a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of witnessing their union against the timeless backdrop of Fowey Parish Church.

If you haven’t visited Fowey in Cornwall, add it to your list for the next time you visit. This beautifully quaint seaside town has everything for the perfect lazy day. This set the scene for Jess and Jack to tie the not and we were blessed with a super warm and sunny day.

Fowey Parish Church stands as a testament to centuries past, its ancient stones whispering tales of love and devotion. Dating back to the 15th century, this historic church has been a witness to countless vows exchanged and promises made. Its towering spire and stone archways provided the perfect setting for Jess and Jack’s solemn exchange of vows, a moment suspended in time against the backdrop of history.

Following the ceremony, these guys embarked on a sun-drenched journey through the cobbled streets of Fowey. With the wind in their hair and the warmth of the sun on their faces, they cruised through the streets in a vintage open-top car soaking it all in.

Our next stop was Ready Money Cove, where the golden sands and azure waters provided a picturesque backdrop for capturing Jess’s stunning Half Penny dress, ditching the shoes so she could feel the sand between her toes.

The reception at Fowey Harbour Hotel was a celebration of love, laughter, and joy. Surrounded by family and friends, Jess and Jack danced the night away, their smiles lighting up the room.

Jess looked radiant in her stunning Half Penny dress, every step a vision of grace and elegance. Paired with Manolo Blahnik shoes, she was the epitome of timeless beauty, a vision that captured the hearts of all who beheld her.

Fowey Harbour Hotel sits high enough up to have a spectacular panoramic view. This venue was such a treat to work at and we could hardly believe we were only half an hour from home, rather than being abroad.

The Suppliers

Photographer The Springles
Church Fowey Parish Church
Dress Half Penny London
Shoes Manolo Blahnik

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