Lowenna Wedding Portfolio

View below Lowenna’s Wedding Portfolio as part of The Springles team. Lowenna graduated Manchester university, studying Fashion Photography. Straight out of university she became our apprentice and spent a year and a half shadowing us, learning how we shoot and approach weddings and then seconding for us.

She’s now available as part of The Springles team and can be booked with or without a second shooter. Having less experience than us, Lowenna is of course priced accordingly.

In her own words;
“My education and experience in fashion and art is definitely apparent in my work, my inspiration has and will always be editorial print. However, the difference between high fashion and your wedding day is you! I believe what makes wedding images so powerful is the authenticity of emotion which is why I aim to capture the ‘in between’ moments, the moments you will want to look back on and remember with your loved ones.”

A collection of her portfolio can be found below, shot throughout 2023 under our close guidance.

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During her time working as a an apprentice and then second shooter, Lowenna captured the below weddings alongside us;
Olivia + Tom
Mel + Sean
Sophie + Adam
Jess + Jack