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Santorini Gem

This was our first time visiting Santorini and certainly did not disappoint! With its stunning and vast ocean views, everywhere you look is an amazing photo. We spent a couple of days on the island ahead of Yolanda + Dariuz’s wedding, getting to know the place a little. Once at Santorini Gem we knew what a treat the day was going to be. The intimate ceremony attended by only their closest family and friends took place with the stunning caldera as a backdrop. Yolanda + Dariuz are professional florists by trade, and their expert eye was evident as their muted colour palette and classical styling let the beautiful location speak for itself. After a relaxed cocktail hour on the terrace the guests retired for their wedding breakfast in the orangery, where their heartfelt speeches left us pretending we had something in our eye…! At the end of the day the caldera was luminescent with orange and pinks as the sun set and the guests took to the outdoor dancefloor with the lights of ancient Thira twinkling in the distance.

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Dress: Stella York
Shoes: Betty Johnson
Guys Suits: ASOS
Venue: Santorini Gem

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